Mission Statement:
MAEM’s mission is to offer the best alternative spare parts for various types of marine equipment.

Who we are…
We are an independent manufacturer of fully interchangeable alternative spare parts for different equipment and machinery of the vessel engine room. We specialise in fuel, oil purifiers and filtration systems. After many years in business, we have become a renowned and valued manufacturer of alternative spare parts worldwide. In that period of time, we supplied hundreds of thousands of various spare parts for thousands of all types of vessels.

From the simplest washers and seals, to the most complex high speed separating units, we can design, reconstruct and manufacture each, even the most complicated element within the highest dimensional tolerance classes.

Because each customer has the full right of free choice of spare parts origin and of expressing their own opinion on the parts quality.

  The choice is yours…                     

      MAEM. The Smart Value.



We are pleased to inform you that we are just about to complete the implementation of ISO 14001:2015. At the end of September, DNV auditors will visit our company to verify scrupulously the correctness of implemented processes. We hope to present yet another certification awarded to MAEM soon and in the meantime, we are posting the Integrated Management System Policy Statement.

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